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It's The Only Clear Path Forward"
Building Sustainable Economic Growth & Prosperity For Black People In America And Worldwide!
Join The Buy Black Movement Today ... And We Can Change The World ... For Black People Everywhere!
"We Are Encouraging Every Black Owned Business In the World ... To Join With Us ... To Leverage And Improve the Health And Economic Wealth ... of Over 1.25 Billion ... Loyal And Beautiful ... Black Consumers Worldwide."
We Are inviting Every Black Owned Business In the world ... To Join With Us Now ... even if you already have a store or website elsewhere ... Doesn't matter ... Stand With Us Now ... We Need Your Support Now more than ever ... The survival of our race depends on it.
We are going to make history ... Again ... And You Can Be Part Of the Phenomenon ...
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And by this time next year ... you are going to have the biggest smile on your face ... for having ad the insight, vision, wisdom or discernment ... or whatever else you may have used ... to help you make the connection you are about to make right now ... with Black Gold Dynasty ... Congratulations!

What about the Black Gold Dynasty Tokens (BGD)
As A Merchant ... What's It Going To Cost Me?
No Up front Fees Whatsoever - And You will Only pay 10% of Your Gross Monthly Sales volume For rent. The only Caveat is ... You must have 'Skin in the game' ... Literally and Figurative:
  1. You Must Be At Least 50% Black
  2. Own At Least 1000 Black Gold Dynasty Tokens (BGD)
  3. Must Be Loyal, Honest, Teachable & Ready To Serve.

That's it ... very simple!
And Remember ... 10% of Every Affiliate Dollar that Comes through the doors ... goes Directly to the Black Gold Dynasty, Which Allows Us to perform maintenance, upgrade Software, Provide Training etc.

Additionally ... 100% of All profits Generated anywhere within the organization goes directly back Into the Dynasty. We welcome and encourage Questions ... Comments ... And Feedback.

"Join The Buy Black Movement Today ...
'Make America Great ... Buy Black America' ...
The Only Clear Path Forward"
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Next Weekly Drawing #3 - Aug 26th 2019 - Noon PST
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Next Weekly Drawing #3 - Aug 26th 2019 - Noon PST
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  3. Or When All [2000 Entry Slots] Have Been Filled
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