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Jamestown Village
Adult, Residential, Social, Educational & Retail Community

We're Building A Self-Sustainable Artisan Community?

  • 1000 Town homes / 1 & 2 Bedroom / All Furnished
  • All Solar Power, Generator, All Electric Appliances
  • Food Courts - Bakery - Entertainment Center - Pool
  • Green House - Vertical - Vegetable & Herb Garden
  • Supermarket - Food - Other Household Accessories
  • Community Business Cnter - Sanctuary - Solar Farm
  • Community Park - Solar Tech Center - Electric Cars
  • Education Building - Recycle Center - H2O Storage
  • Black Gold Dynasty (BGD) Digital Currency Trading
  • Medical Clinic - Fire & Safety - Visitor Information
  • Starting at Low $100K ... Low HOA & Low Interest
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We Welcome The Opportunity To Consider Working With Various Relevant Opportunities ... Please Let Us Know What You Are Thinking ... And Doing ... And How We Can Help Each Other Succeed.
Sounds Amazing ... Tell Me More ...
What Exactly Would That Look Like?
  1. An experiment in Black People Learning ... to Live, Love, Respect and Trust Again.
  2. Relearning importance of building A solid family & Social structure based on Maat.
  3. Setting Up Apprenticeship programs to teach home repair, Construction & Repair.
  4. Setting up digital Publishing, Website And Graphic Design ... And T-Shirt University.
  5. Blockchain University - Cryptocurrency - ICO - STO - Plus Secret Sauce & Magic Code.
  6. Business Management, Leadership Training, Team Building - Black History University.
  7. Soul Food University - Craft Beer - Bakery - Coffee Roaster - CBD Training University.
42 Principles Of Maat
Egyptian Goddess of justice - around 4,400 years ago - 2000 Years Before Ten Commandments
(No One Ever Achieves Perfection, However, Here Are some basic principals to Help guide Your journey)
Neighboring Community To Akon City
(Disclaimer: We Are Not Affiliated With AKON City. Nor Are we in any type of partnership agreement whatsoever. we Are Only Inspired By 'Their Vision' ... And We Seek Only To Add Value, in any way that we can, To A Wonderful Vision ... in and of itself.
Welcome to Blockdown 2020

12 Team Pro Basketball League

African Basketball League (ABL)
(54 Countries / 12 Teams)

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Limited Ownership & Investment Opportunities Currently Available Through Bankless Capital Fund.
Black Gold Dynasty - African Equity Partners
Conglomerate of African Investments & Partnerships
(No consequence ... No Change)
Black Gold Dynasty - Legal Offense Fund
Social Justice Advocates
(No consequence ... No Change)
Black Gold Dynasty - Bankless Capital Fund
Bankless Capital Equity Fund
Bankless Capital Fund
(Access To Business Capital For Black People)
Black Gold Dynasty - Online Casino Operations
Worldwide Multi-Currency Access
(Play All Your Favorite Casino Games)
Black Gold Dynasty - Global Access To Resources
Dangote Group
'Get in the Fight'
"Join The Buy Black Movement Today ... It's The Only Clear Path Forward"
Liberation ... Mobilization ... Empowerment
Free - FOOD - Fun
Treasure Hunt

World BlacK Leadership Summit

Hourly drawings
Lot's of Prizes

Free - FOOD - Fun
Treasure Hunt

World BlacK Leadership Summit

Hourly drawings
Lot's of Prizes

Black Mall Of America

Black Mall of America

Jamestown Village